The Ravon Ambiente is a freestanding bath made from QualTec material. The form of the tub is streamlined and slightly asymmetrical, inspired by nature, reminding almond nut shell. Such a husk shape is very popular nowadays, which is why we decided to implement it. The tub is broader at its head and thinner at the other end; its inner walls slightly converge towards the bottom which ensures a comfortable body position during the soak. The freestanding bath is fairly long, so it is suitable for taller persons as well.

DIMENSIONS: 184 x 81 x 76 cm (72-2/5″ x 32″ x 30″)

MATERIAL: Ultra durable QualTec composite
-100% handmade
-Resilient to temperature changes
-Easy to clean
-Repairable and restorable
-Resistant to abrasion
-Perfectly smooth
-Environmentally friendly
-Improved resistance to mechanical damage
-RAL colour system palette
-32% Better heat retaining
-Warm to touch
-UV Proof
-Improved stain-resilience