Freestanding bathtub Ravon Modern, is the longest produced model from QualTec material and continues to attract the interest. Designers recommend it mainly to larger bathrooms, because it visually looks like a large bathtub, however, its dimensions are similar to most models of our freestanding baths. The Modern model is dedicated to modern bathrooms, but our customers and designers often choose it for bathrooms in the “conservative” style. The Modern tub due to its width is perfect for double bathing.

DIMENSIONS: 179.5 x 79 x 63 cm  (71″ x 31-1/2″ x 24-4/5″)

MATERIAL: Ultra durable QualTec composite
-100% handmade
-Resilient to temperature changes
-Easy to clean
-Repairable and restorable
-Resistant to abrasion
-Perfectly smooth
-Environmentally friendly
-Improved resistance to mechanical damage
-RAL colour system palette
-32% Better heat retaining
-Warm to touch
-UV Proof
-Improved stain-resilience