The Ravon Sensual Wall free-standing bathtub is a product made with the modern technology of QualTec multi-layer composite. The uniqueness of the Ravon Sensual wall-mounted bathtub lies not only in its external charm but also in its wide edge, which is 13.5 cm wide! The rim is substantial and very practical, it is an ideal place for the assembly of fittings, and will also serve as a shelf.

DIMENSIONS: 164 x 79 x 56 cm  (64-3/5″ x 31-2/5″ x 22-2/5″)

MATERIAL: Ultra durable QualTec composite
-100% handmade
-Resilient to temperature changes
-Easy to clean
-Repairable and restorable
-Resistant to abrasion
-Perfectly smooth
-Environmentally friendly
-Improved resistance to mechanical damage
-RAL colour system palette
-32% Better heat retaining
-Warm to touch
-UV Proof
-Improved stain-resilience